what makes the Rubik's Cube awesome

and why we made Eclidus

We all know what a Rubik's Cube is. But as those of us who love it and have solved it many times know, there are many wonderful layers to such a great toy.

Initially, it’s a super difficult puzzle that makes your brain hurt. The elegance of its structure juxtaposed with the discomfort of the scrambled colors compels you to bring order to the chaos. After stumbling around for a while, you begin to see a pattern—the centers are fixed. You solve the cross, and quickly after, the whole first layer. Completing the second layer is a bit more difficult, as the constraints are getting heavier. You slowly manage to do that too. Yay!

But this is where things start going downhill.

GIF by Csaba Klement

You feel that any step you take will mess up everything you’ve built. Your moves are constrained more than ever. You go on YouTube and look for a tutorial that will help you solve the final third of the puzzle. (In case you’ve managed to solve the cube all on your own, hats off to you, amazing!) The tutorials are complex, involving multiple moves that mess things up, only to bring it all back together a step closer to the goal. It’s all fuzzy and you stumble, mess up, start from scratch, do it right, mess up again, give up, come back, calm down, focus, you see it and BAM! It’s solved. You made it. You feel great!

And then you do it all over again.

You’re getting better at it. Patterns are easier to see, algorithms are becoming second nature. You don’t think about them anymore. You find yourself in a loop just solving and scrambling, solving and scrambling, over and over and over again. You feel calm. It’s helping you focus. Helps you think. If you’re really into it, you start timing yourself. Get a better cube.
Just watching you solve it is a sight to behold. You learn about OLL and PLL and… you know how the rest of it goes. The depth of it is amazing. It’s so satisfying, elegant, tactile and you love having a cube around.

This is exactly the journey we love and the experience we’ve set out to create.

A game for mobile phones that is as difficult, as elegant and as deep as the cube. “Someone must have done it already” was our initial thought. But all we’ve found were 3D recreations that were cumbersome to use. You spend more time rotating the object around then you do solving the actual puzzle. That feeling of expertise and precision is gone.

That’s why we made Eclidus. A combination puzzle that’s optimized for touch screen input. It’s a brand new puzzle that has its own algorithms for you to discover, learn and master.

It’s somewhere between the Pyraminx and the classic cube in terms of difficulty, so we strongly encourage you to try to solve it on your own without looking for a tutorial. We’ve tried our best to capture the essence of the tactile feeling, mechanical sound and precision in execution so that you can attain the same levels of mastery and prowess.

The two things we want to tackle next are speedsolving and more puzzles and we’re looking forward to hearing your ideas, wishes and criticism.

With love, Eruption Games